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Date and place

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
At the conference room (4th floor) of Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana
Jalan Dr. Wahidin No.5-25, Yogyakarta 55224

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
At the seminar room of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
Jalan Sriwedani 1, Yogyakarta 55100


The official launching of Equator Symposium is held in conjunction with Biennale Jogja XII - Equator #2 in order to state the starting point of Equator Symposium: “The Asian-African Conference was of the opinion that at this stage the best results in cultural cooperation would be achieved by pursuing bilateral arrangements to implement its recommendations and by each country taking action on its own, wherever possible and feasible.” (As excerpted from the Bandung Conference, 18-24 April 1955.) That particular statement is inline with Biennale Jogja’s core concepts on all of their holdings and events, which are formulated as a meeting and melting point of the arts and culture within the countries along the equator line. Within this launch, we will also be promoting the upcoming Equator on the Cloud, an online platform that we are building, and set a certain standards in presenting materials within the Equator Symposium platform and to initiate dialogue.


  • Keynote speech by TK Sabapathy
  • Talks #1: Internet, Digital Media and New Practices. This session presents a number of individual/ groups with practical activities that rely on the ability of digital technology and the Internet as tools and media. This tools and media not only allowing the possibility various kind of creative activities but also opening opportunities associated with the active participation of the wider community in a network of production and distribution of information and knowledge. Is this the expansion of citizen participation that will strengthen our democracy in the future?. Speakers for this session are X-Code Film,, Pamityang2an, and Onno W. Purbo. Moderated by Grace Samboh.
  • Talks #2: Media and The Arts Today. Various media and art practices have shapep our experience during the 20th century. The rapid development of digital media brings challenges and changes to the media at the beginning of the 21st century. At the same time, socio-economic-political constellation also changing rapidly, at the local, regional and global level. How does the media address the drastic changes occurring in the Arab world and the Islamic community lately? How do the media and the arts linked to the processes of democratization? Is there a relationship between the ups and downs of global neo-liberalism with the production and distribution contemporary media? Speakers for this session are David Teh, Prima Rusdi, and Zen Hae. Moderated by Ferdiansyah Thajib.
  • Talks #3: The Collectives and the Communities. This section presents artist collectives/groups who build their art activities with the rationale and selection of distinctive types of practices. Models of their activities are not only related to the fact that they are collective-based, but also adjacent to the problems and issues concerning a particular community. How do these collectives actually operate? Speakers for this session are ruangrupa, Jatiwangi Art Factory (JaF), Kampung Halaman, Garasi Performance Institute, Lifepatch. Moderated by Agung Kurniawan.

Speakers and Moderators